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Shah Capital Partners (SCP) is a globally focused family investment office that has a strong track record in direct investing in early stage companies, venture and private equity funds, debt instruments and funds, real estate and real estate funds, as well as energy and renewables and other alternative investments. The family office also manages funds for the Krishnan-Shah Foundation (KSF).

The fund’s founding partners, Ajay Shah and Lata Krishnan, began their careers as entrepreneurs and operators: they founded Smart Modular Technologies which quickly grew to over a $1 billion in revenue and established them as a preeminent entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley. The company went public after a few years and was subsequently sold. They then started their own private equity firm called SCP Capital. In 2006 this fund merged with Silver Lake and was became their mid-market technology private equity fund called Silver Lake Sumeru, with over $1 Billion in commitments. Ajay continues to be the Managing Partner for this fund. The fund has gone on to invest in companies including Talend, Blackline, Smart Global Holdings, Power-One, Primesense, and many more successful companies.

The family office has a strong record with early stage investments across a wide variety of industries including enterprise, consumer, health/ life sciences, fintech, and more. Some notable examples of companies SCP invested at an early stage include Penumbra, Top Golf, Truvian, Epic Sciences, Netspeed, Vast Data, Extend (founded by their son, Rohan), and over a 100 other young companies.

SCP has also been a significant investor in many top-tier institutional funds including Silverlake Partners, Francisco Partners, Iconiq, Crosslink and more. SCP continues look to deploy meaningful capital in strong fund managers who bring specific operating and investing experience to their domains, and the family office partners closely with their fund managers to become another sourcing channel for new and innovative companies that are coming to market, as well as an active co-investor with these GP’s.

The family office is managed by Raj Krishnan as its CIO and a small team of dedicated professionals along with the next generation of the family, Kavita and Rohan Shah.

Krishnan Shah Family Foundation

The founders have also been very active in starting non-profit ventures. Lata is the founder and long-time Chairperson of the American India Foundation, one of the largest India-focused foundations in the US. In addition, KSF is an active supporter of both US and International development organizations in education, healthcare, livelihoods, climate and conservation, public broadcasting and media, and in supporting advanced research organizations.

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